Pet Diabetes

The affordable and simple diabetes management system for your pets at 1/2 the cost


Pet Diabetes

We are building the Amazon for your pet diabetes supplies


We Are a Company of Passionate Engineers, Developers and Designers


The Pet Log

Building a connected platform for the pet diabetes community. Share diet, Insulin doses, exercise and other logged events with your veterinarian, your friends and family.

Glucose Meter

Building a glucose meter using the latest innovations for humans with bluetooth connectivity and a 15% improvement in measuring glucose.

Pet Med Box Subscription

Conveniently order all your pet diabetes supplies from our marketplace. Select from the available supplies and we’ll ship to you a box every 42 days (with Insulin). Did we miss something? Just let us know and we’ll make it available to you.

Predictive Analytics

Our app will use AI to predict the correct Insulin dose for you and your veterinarian.

Drop Me a Line

We’re taking care of the legal needs to operate and we’ll be taking pre-orders and pre-subscribers soon. In the mean time, please sign up with Pet Diabetes and we’ll let you know the minute we’re ready to ship to you.