Conveniently have a box with all your pet diabetes supplies delivered to you every 42 days (including Insulin) for an affordable monthly subscription price.

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Blood Glucose Meter - $20

Our blood glucose meter uses the latest innovations in human technology for pets. It is calibrated for your pet. It offers a 15% improvement in measurements and has bluetooth connectivity. You can Pre-Order our meter here and we will notify you when we start shipping.

Test Strips - $20

Our test strips are calibrated and manufactured with our meters.  You can Pre-Order a bottle of 100 test strips here and we will notify you when we start shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order any Insulin in my Pet Med Box?


Can I buy a glucose meter and test strips without the subscription?


Where do you ship?

We plan to begin shipping in the USA 11-01-2017, then the UK, EU, Japan, China and beyond.

When will the Pet Log be available?


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We’re taking care of the legal needs to operate and we’ll be taking pre-orders soon. In the mean time, please sign up with Pet Diabetes and we’ll let you know the minute we’re ready to ship. 

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